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We need your contributions. We email a monthly newsletter which includes an article pertaining to an aspect of playing or teaching the violin, viola, or cello. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your studio or violin related website. Send in your article about studying, playing or teaching your instrument and we'll publish your ideas in the newsletter. We currently pay $50 for each published article (see terms below). Read past articles here.

The newsletter currently goes out via email to 2200+ students, teachers, parents and friends.

Current reader questions and suggested article topics:
  • teaching small children
  • teaching beginning adults
  • improving bow technique
  • why play scales?
  • shoulder rest or no shoulder rest?
  • teaching vibrato
  • instrument maintenance
  • organizing student recitals -- where, when, etc
  • parent/teacher concerns, good communication, etc
  • improving intonation
  • favorite repetoir pieces at each level
  • finding a teacher
  • ensemble playing
  • violin teachers teaching viola does it work?
  • incorporating other genres into lessons
  • violinists teaching cello, does it work?
  • how to prepare for college scholarship auditions
  • other resources -- websites, chat groups, books, etc
  • personal success stories, personal experiences as a student or teacher
  • other violin/viola/cello topics of your choice
Our terms are as follows:
  1. You retain copyright.
  2. You give us permission to publish the article in our email newsletter and also retain a copy online so users can read past issues of the newsletter.
  3. We retain the right to edit the article for content, length, or suitability to the newsletter.
  4. We are not able promise a specific date of when the article will appear or even if it will be used.
  5. By making a submission, you warrant that the ideas you submit are original and are not plagiarized. If you quote another's copyrighted words, appropriate source reference must accompany your submission.
  6. By making a submission, you give us permission to use your article and your name in the newsletter and in any reference to the newsletters.
  7. For private teachers, payment by company check in the amount of $50 per article will be issued at the time the article is published. If you are a business owner, you can choose to have us include a link to your store instead of payment. We will put your store info and link in both the emailed newsletter and in the archived article online (which remains online indefinitely).
  8. By submitting an article, you agree to these terms.
When making a submission:
Include your mailing address and a short bio (one paragraph or less) about yourself with your submission (mailing address will not be published). This paragraph can state whether you are currently accepting students and any contact info you would like published. For example, see the last paragraph in Handling Stage Fright.

Send your submission via email to: PLEASE send your article in the body of an email instead of as an attachment. With all the spam and viruses floating around, we may accidentally delete your email attachment without realizing it was not spam.

We look forward to your input!

Questions about submitting an article? Email: