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Learn to Build a Major Scale

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Learn to Build a Major Scale

After you've finished, you can print out these Printable Violin Scales and go practice playing them! :)

Switch to bass clef.


Notes to fix:

  1. Select which scale to build by clicking on the first down arrow and selecting the note name.
  2. Select sequential note names for the next 7 notes. For example, if you start on "B", the next 7 names would be: C, D, E, F, G, A, B.
  3. Choose the accidentals you will need. Select "n" for natural, "#" for sharp, and "b" for flat. To determine which accidentals are needed look at the note pattern above the staff. The spaces between notes 3^4, and 7^8 should be HALF steps. All other spaces should be WHOLE steps. It may help to play the scale on your instrument as you fill in the notes for the scale.
  4. If necessary, select "8va" to move the note up or down the octave (the note will be considered wrong if it is in the wrong octave).
  5. Select "Submit Scale" to see if your scale is correct.
  6. Change the necessary notes to make your scale correct and submit again, or push "Reset" to try another scale.